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Whickett Series Now Available
~ Art for Art's Sake: Meredith's Story (Revised Edition) BOOK ONE in the Whickett Series

~ More Than Roommates: Dani's Story
BOOK TWO in the Whickett Series


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Barbara L. Clanton's Young Adult and New Adult lesbian books now include the two-book WHICKETT SERIES, which follows two young women who discover a close friendship. For Meredith, it has always been friendship and nothing more. For Danielle, it has always been about more. Somewhere along the way, their definition of friendship evolves.
THE CLARKSONVILLE SERIES is an eight-book softball-infused series that provides girls and young women with positive and empowering high school lesbian role models. 
Her three-book children's TITLE IX SERIES of sportsbooks are about young girls excelling in athletics.
She hopes her books will not only provide entertainment but also provide a spark to help young women find success in life no matter what obstacles are presented before them.​